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Self-Pay Collection

For nearly four decades, AMCOL Systems has been providing collection solutions to hospitals, health systems and physician groups. We help clients across the nation with Self-Pay Collections, Bad Debt Recovery, and Claims Resolution. Quality control, extensive employee training, and industry certification through ACA International's Professional Practices Management System (PPMS) set our services apart from other agencies. Thumb print recognition access, restricted building entry, and 24/7 monitoring devices mean PHI data is as safe as possible. Employee-owned, each AMCOL Systems associate has a vested interest in getting results for you.

With Self-Pay A/R skyrocketing, hospital CEOs and Boards  are now, themselves, wondering where the collections are. Hospitals and physician practices around the country have been impacted by the rise in self-pay and corresponding bad debt. You can minimize the impact of self-pay on your facility by outsourcing to an experienced collection partner like AMCOL Systems. We collect millions each month!

AMCOL Systems Self-Pay Standards:

  • Solutions-oriented collection approach with focus on account resolution and  patient retention
  • Successful collections without patient complaints
  • High-volume calling ability to keep costs lower
  • IVR payment processing for 24/7 collection opportunity
  • Random call audits for quality and compliance; incentives for collectors who perform well
  • Extensive training and skills gap testing for collectors prior to account servicing
  • Advanced collection strategies with customized work flows
  • Client access to infoPORT™, our proprietary web portal application for 24/7 point and click desktop access to your accounts
  • Custom up-front collection solutions available to meet your needs