Founded in 1976, AMCOL Systems is a leading provider of revenue cycle services exclusively to the Healthcare Industry. Keeping pace with the changing healthcare environment, our services are designed to help provide the cash collections you need, while providing the friendly service your patients deserve.

We pride ourselves on our successes in training, our quality assurance processes, our successful customer-service methodology in operations and our overall performance results. All of these unique attributes are supported by the many long-term relationships we have with clients. We also know that healthcare providers want and expect the best possible patient experience and outcomes even when it comes to collections. Our references will tell you that we deliver on these expectations.

When searching for a business process outsourcing partner, consider AMCOL Systems. We are quality certified through ACA International's Professional Practices Management System (PPMS). With over four decades of experience, we are confident in our ability to produce for you! Whether you are interested in self-pay collections, bad debt recovery, or insurance claims resolution, we'll get results!

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Our Mission Statement

We are trusted advisors who deliver tailored, patient-centered financial solutions to benefit our partners and their communities



Our goal is to serve our clients in the healthcare community in a way that is in accordance with our culture; patient-centric solutions that are innovative in our industry. We will accomplish this by:

• Hiring, developing, and retaining a work force committed to healthy growth and success by providing continual education, leadership opportunities and advanced assessments.

• We will invest in our people through technology and education to ensure opportunities for growth and leadership in a patient focused environment.

• We will empower each individual through recognition and continued development of inherent talent, ensuring continued growth of leaders of our industry, continued assessment and evolution will ensure our end state.

• We will seek mutually beneficial and limitless business relationships by being known as subject matter experts.

• Throughout, we will always be:
   •  Growth Minded
   •  Patient Focused
   •  Focused on Leadership Development
   •  Positioned for the future



We hear it time and time again, “AMCOL Systems is years ahead of the competition in the technology they use.” Technology that allows our clients to accelerate cash flow and resolve patient accounts quickly and within all compliance standards. Our seamless service integration and flawless exchanges of information are a testament to our dedication to quality. View more>>


Culture Statement

AMCOL Systems is a lifestyle, not just a place to work. It is more than just a job. View it as a journey. To ensure we maintain that culture, AMCOL systems will focus on being three things: People Oriented, Solutions Driven, and Leading our Industry. We will apply these concepts to everything we do, whether we are developing new processes, facilitating relationships with our clients, and working with patients or internally with our team. These terms will be our cornerstones, and we will judge our actions (individual, collective, and organizational) by them. If we find we are not living up to them, we will review them and determine whether the terms need to change or our behavior needs to change.

In order to assure we look at these terms from the same perspective, below are our organizational definitions:

  • People Oriented– AMCOL is a family, and as a family we strive to create limitless opportunity for all our employees. We are completely dedicated to the individual and collective development of our people. We will build unity through transparency and servant leadership, recognizing that our value comes from the value and respect we show our people. We understand that our specially selected work family is the best available, and we will do all we can to help our family members reach their full potential. We know that we are not just building AMCOL, but are building future leaders of our team and our community.
  • Solutions Driven– AMCOL will be a learning organization that accepts risks to build capacity and adaptiveness.  We will provide unique and thoughtful answers to our internal and external partners’ opportunities. We will empower our people to guide our partners toward shared success. We will remain flexible and innovative as our industry changes and as challenges arise. Through it all, we will always drive a solution that is committed to doing the right thing, at the right time for the right reasons.
  • Leading our Industry– Building on our solid foundation, AMCOL will cut a path for others to follow. We will be the elite of our industry, without ever forgetting what makes us elite- our people. Our progressiveness will be our strength, and our trust in our people and our internal and external partners will make AMCOL a great place to work, where everyone, from the organization and the community can be proud.


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