AMCOL specializes in Self-Pay Collection, Bad Debt Recovery, Insurance Claims Resolution, and related Revenue Cycle Solutions exclusively for the healthcare industry. Quality control, extensive employee training, real-time call analytics, and industry certification credentials set our services apart from other agencies. 

Self-Pay Collections

With Self-Pay A/R skyrocketing due to ever-increasing out-of-pocket expenses for the patient family, revenue cycle leaders are looking for help in collections with proven solutions. You can minimize the impact of self-pay in your organization by outsourcing to an experienced partner like AMCOL Systems. AMCOL Systems has been providing collection services to hospitals, health systems and physician groups for nearly four decades. Learn more>>

Bad Debt Recovery

Collection protocol and vendor performance should not damage the patient experience. Turn to a partner with a proven track record in collections of bad debt every month for hospitals, health systems and physician groups nationwide. Learn more>>

Insurance Resolution

If claims management is monopolizing your staff, reallocate your resources and let AMCOL Systems handle the rest! You'll find we have the experience, knowledge, and tools to collect millions each month for healthcare providers across the nation! Learn more>>

Other Revenue Cycle Solutions

  • Pre-Service Patient Engagement
  • A/R Work Down Programs
  • Managed Care Audits
  • Business Office Assessments
  • Customer Service Programs
  • Customized Collection Solutions


Find out how your organization can benefit from our services!

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