AMCOL-RevMD Develop Groundbreaking Technology

Columbia, SC; Westmont, IL – (January 17, 2019) – AMCOL Systems, Inc., a nationally recognized leader in patient experience and revenue cycle optimization services, and RevMD Partners, LLC., an industry leading technology enabled revenue cycle services company, have together developed an innovative insurance resolution technology and methodology.  “Enhance” finally addresses an industry-wide problem: the cost-effective and quick resolution of numerous aged accounts with little cash value that require costly maintenance activities.

Tim McCarthy, Managing Partner at RevMD says, “This technology, appropriately called Enhance, is the long awaited game-changer in the accounts receivable collection management arena. By fully automating the resolution of the complex account disposition after a payor payment, partial payment, contractual variance or line item denial, it is sure to become the new industry best-of-practice standard.”

“Providers simply cannot afford to work these accounts. Competent vendors cannot work them. This insurance technology and methodology will shift the paradigm, making way for an efficient and effective response to this industry-wide problem,” says Chip Hellmann, President and CEO of AMCOL Systems.

Enhance has been developed to address the A/R aging needs of healthcare providers regardless of specialty or size. Everyone needs to use this system to resolve older, unprofitable accounts.


About AMCOL Systems, Inc.
Founded in 1976, AMCOL Systems is a leading provider of Self-Pay Collection, Bad Debt Recovery, and Insurance Claims Resolution services exclusively for the Healthcare Industry. AMCOL’s mission is to be trusted advisors who deliver tailored, patient-centered financial solutions to benefit their partners and their communities.  For additional information about the company, contact Sandi Owen at 803.227.3191.

About RevMD Partners, LLC.
RevMD Partners, a leader in healthcare revenue cycle services, utilizes best-of-practice workflows and state-of-the-art supporting technology to drive increased recoveries for their provider clients. Guided by this core set of values: respect, integrity, accountability, and commitment; results are achieved through a genuine desire to employ these core values each day in an effort to make a difference in the lives of those with whom they work.   For additional information about the company, contact Nick DiGiovanni Jr. at 630.882.3690.


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